Days 3 & 4: Where we start to coupon again

This feels a big like Deja Vu!

When I was in college couponing was a game to me. I enjoyed paying as little as possible for the things I wanted. Walgreens was my favorite place to be when I was in collge and trying to pench every penny so I could afford to go to Europe.

Fastforward to my late 20’s and couponing becomes back to me to deal with a job loss right before a wedding.

Fastforward once again to my mid 30’s and here we are couponing again to try and pench a whole lot of pennies.

That being said I do find it fun and a challenge to see how much I can save! I saved $50 at Walgreens on Sunday and $90 earlier in the week at the grocery store! Holy Crap does that add up quick! I did get a great deal with $.99 lb chicken (which I bought 10lbs of!) which an amazing deal that I try and stock up on everytime they have it.

I did pick up some cookbooks from the library that I’m really excited to try out to keep the meal planning fresh as well. My goal with this is twofold, I want to make good calorie concious meals as well as add some variety to the rotation. My plan is to add some book reviews to this and break down some of the recipies by calories to help balance everything out. I am not good at coming up with new recipies but I love finding good ones in cookbooks!

Overall, taking some steps and feeling optimistic that I will figure a way to get us out of this mess that we have gotten ourselves into.

Until next time: love, peace and couponing!

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